Handheld cell use illegal when driving

Roadway Safety



The Nevada Department of Transportation encourages all drivers to always drive safely and follow the important driving safety tips found in the links on left side of this page. Together, we can help prevent further tragedies on Nevada roadways and reduce Nevada traffic deaths to zero.


Roadway Safety Topics

Work Zone Driving Safety

Safe Winter Driving

Summer Driving Safety Tips

Handheld Cell Phone Ban

Rainy Day Driving Tips

High Wind Driving Tips

Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Zero Fatalities Traffic Safety Goal

Roadway Improvement ProgramsCable Barriers / Rumble Strips / Diverging Diamond Interchanges / Flashing Yellow Arrow Turn Signals / Express Lanes / Safety Overpasses and Underpasses / Roundabouts / Ramp Meters / Truck Escape Ramps / Bridge Anti-icing Technology

Dial *NHP (*647) to report drunk drivers, traffic crashes, stranded or disabled motorists, or any suspicious roadside incidents to the Nevada Highway Patrol.