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Freight Planning

The Freight Planning Section

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The Freight Planning Section develops strategies, policies, and methodologies that work to improve the freight transportation system in Nevada.

The planning process must consider access to ports, airports, intermodal transportation facilities, major freight distribution routes, and enhancement of the efficient movement problem areas, as determined in cooperation with appropriate private sector involvement, including but not limited to, addressing interconnected transportation access and service needs of intermodal facilities. Nevada recognized the importance of freight planning many years ago in conducting one of the early statewide goods movement studies in the nation.

The Goods Movement Study report summarized Nevada’s initial attempt to examine the state’s freight transportation system, with an eye on how to best utilize Nevada’s freight strengths in the economic development and economic diversification process. The Freight Planning section continues to coordinate public-private, state-local, and state-federal freight transportation investment decisions and activities on a statewide basis. Promoting economic development and related job growth requires regional economies to maintain existing business and attract new ones.

Access to efficient freight transportation is a key element in business site selection. Competing in the global market environment has raised the importance of efficient, reliable supply chains and the transport systems they rely upon. Freight transportation plays a critical role in company decisions about site selection and expansion. Diversifying Nevada’s economy remains a key theme for economic development in the state, and taking advantage of Nevada’s modal transportation assets is a part of the state’s strategic plan for supporting economic development and by providing a better transportation system for Nevada through our unified and dedicated efforts

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