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State of Nevada Transportation Information Related to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

The federal Recovery Act provided approximately $201 million in Nevada highway transportation funding. Thirty percent of these funds were dedicated to local transportation organizations in Clark County and Washoe County. Meanwhile, approximately seven million were allocated to rural areas.

The Nevada Department of Transportation worked closely with state elected leaders and local government partners to responsibly and equitably utilize transportation funding established in the recovery package to advance jobs and economic growth, as well as provide transportation improvements for the state. Nevada economic recovery transportation projects were selected based on engineering needs and the projects’ ability to advance jobs and economic growth while providing important transportation improvements equitably throughout the state.

To ensure that Nevada maximized use of economic recovery transportation funds, high-priority highway preservation projects, as well as unfunded, low-cost improvements offering large benefits, were selected. Numerous highway preservation projects such as repaving were selected because they provided this high benefit-cost ratio and follow the Nevada Department of Transportation’s Financial Consequence-Based Pavement Management System. This system pro-actively repairs roadways before more costly, time-involved repairs are needed and has, in the past, saved the department up to $42 million per year.

The Future

Transportation projects are an investment in our country, our economy, our workforce and our future, and the Nevada Department of Transportation is proud to move Nevada’s transportation, economy and employment forward with these important transportation programs funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The following outlines NDOT’s role in fulfilling the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act:

  • Utilize Nevada’s approximately $201 million in economic recovery transportation funding to advance jobs and economic growth through transportation projects across the state.
  • Oversee advertisement, administration and construction of state economic recovery improvement projects.
  • Continue to coordinate with local governments to help invest economic recovery funding directed to local transportation agencies.
  • Aggressively plan to utilize any recovery funding unable to be used by other states.
  • Pursue grant money established in the recovery act to advance additional projects that will improve Nevada transportation and job opportunities.
  • Fully utilize normal annual federal funding to further capacity (widening) and other transportation improvements not funded through economic recovery funding.