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Help Protect Nevada's Water Quality

 NDOT is reaching out to the public for assistance with identifying and reporting illicit discharges within the Department's state road right-of-way. An illicit discharge is anything entering a stormdrain system that is not composed entirely of stormwater. Pollutant examples include, but are not limited to, pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, detergents, oils and grease, litter and illegal activities such as dumping materials into storm drains or connecting waste water pipes into storm drains. If you see a concern, please report it through the 24/7 hotline provided below or via the NDOT report form. This information will be beneficial in the ongoing effort to reduce non-stormwater illicit discharges that can impair the quality of water in our lakes, rivers and streams.

24/7 Spill Reporting Hotline NDEP   1-888-331-6337 
 NV Division of Environmental Protection - Spill Reporting Hotline
 Environmental Protection Agency Region 9 Water Program


Report an Illicit Discharge Sighting on NDOT's Roads (Right-of-Way) 

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