Handheld cell use illegal when driving

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US 395 Washoe County Corridor Study

US395 Washoe Study

Both population and employment in Washoe County have grown consistently over the last decade. By 2000 the county was home to 339,000 people and 193,000 jobs. Traffic operations on the county’s freeways have suffered as a result.

Population and employment are projected to continue to grow through 2030. The Washoe County 2030 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) forecasts that by 2030 population is projected to have grown to 530,000, representing a 69 percent growth from the year 2000.

This study includes both Interstate 80 and US Highway 395/Interstate 580. This analysis was undertaken by examining existing conditions, projecting future conditions and their impacts on the transportation system, identifying improvements, and evaluating the effect of alternative investment strategies. While the study was undertaken to fully define investment needs and options for major freeways and interchanges in the study area, it also investigated potential improvements to other elements of the transportation system in order to determine their potential as congestion-relievers on the freeway study corridors.