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Public Participation Process


The Nevada Department of Transportation builds and maintains vital public roadways across diverse geography through careful use of federal and state fuel taxes, vehicle privilege taxes, licenses and registration fees.


Yearly, NDOT requests public input and proposed projects through public meetings and county, planning and tribal organizations. Sponsored projects can also be proposed through NDOT’s Transportation Enhancement Program.


After a standardized study of need, existing level of service, environmental and economic impacts, possible alternatives and more, selected projects are placed in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and annual work program.


The Nevada State Transportation Board, comprised primarily of elected officials, provides a valuable check on project selection by officially accepting and approving the STIP and Annual Work Program before it is presented for Legislative approval.


Approved projects then proceed through extensive design, environmental and other reviews before being constructed, depending upon funding. Public meetings are often used within this process to gather further public feedback and to share information with project stakeholders.