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Public Involvement

Meetings, Hearings and Notices

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The public is invited to attend meetings at their convenience during scheduled meeting hours. Please submit comments to get more information or comment about NDOT's public meetings, hearings and notices.

Our public hearings officer can be reached at (775) 888-7171 in Carson City.

Political Signs Rules and Regulations

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Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests

To search for documents on-line or to request documents from NDOT’s record files, visit the Public Records Request web page. 

Public Involvement Resources

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NDOT is committed to providing public involvement resources that foster communication between all interested parties and NDOT.

Title VI Permanent Plan

NDOT has developed a Title VI plan to assure that services, programs and activities of the Department are offered, conducted and administered fairly, without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, economic status, or ability to communicate in English of the participants or beneficiaries.

The Nevada Department of Transportation has modified our Title VI plan and is presenting that plan to the public. The plan is available through this link. The accompanying Public Involvement Policy is available here. Or, a paper copy of the plan can be obtained by contacting or visiting:

Nevada Department of Transportation

Civil Rights and Contract Compliance

1263 South Stewart Street

Carson City NV 89712

You may also contact the Contract Compliance Office at (775) 888-7497.

Public Sponsorship Programs

Adopt a highway

NDOT operates an Adopt-A-Highway program for litter removal on most state highways for individuals and community service groups. A Sponsor-A-Highway litter removal program is also available on high-traffic volume urban freeways in the Las Vegas and Reno areas. Firms and organizations seeking recognition for community service may select from three qualified litter removal services for twice monthly litter removal on sections of Las Vegas and Reno area freeways.

NDOT also operates a Rest Area Sponsorship Program allowing firms or organizations to receive recognition for community service through rest area services such as litter removal, mowing and more.

Illicit Drainage/Discharge Reporting

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NDOT is reaching out to the public for assistance with identifying and reporting illicit drainages/discharges within the Department’s state road right-of-way. Learn more about what illicit discharge is on our illicit discharge reporting page. If a potential illicit discharge is identified within NDOT's right-of-way, contact NDOT Environmental Services, Water Quality Section at (775) 888-7013.

Transportation Alternatives Program

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Transportation alternatives are transportation-related activities designed to strengthen the cultural, aesthetic, and environmental aspects of the Nation’s intermodal transportation system. The Transportation Alternatives Program provides for the implementation of a variety of non-traditional projects, such as the restoration of historic transportation facilities, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, scenic beautification, and mitigation of water pollution from highway runoff.

Americans With Disabilities Act

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NDOT has a responsibility, under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, to ensure its services, facilities and rights-of-way are readily accessible to and useable by individuals with disabilities to the fullest extent possible.