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Tahoe Basin Construction 

Improving Tahoe Roads- Helping Advance the Environment

Shoulder Work

In cooperation with partnering agencies, NDOT is dedicated to keeping everyone informed of construction season activities. Due to the sheer volume of work taking place in the Tahoe Basin, we realize that construction season can create challenges for Tahoe travelers.

Many of the projects presented are associated with Caltrans’ and NDOT’s Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Programs (EIP), and together we are committed to providing better and safer roads in addition to protecting the environment. Over the years, all partnering agencies have been working cooperatively to enhance, maintain and protect the natural environment of Lake Tahoe and at the same time provide safer roadways. Consequently, very necessary projects include repairing pot holes and damaged roadways, performing source and erosion control to keep sediments and other pollutants from entering the lake, placing new and re-placing damaged barrier rail and guardrail, installing dynamic message signs as well as advisory radio systems to help get information out to the traveling public, etc.

Tahoe Area Construction Projects 2016

Download the construction map here2015, TB Road Construction List

Contacts Regarding Projects

Nevada Department of Transportation(NDOT)
All Counties
Meg Ragonese
(775) 888-7777

California Department of Transportation(CALTRANS)
Placer County (PLA) and El Dorado County (ED)
Steve Nelson
(530) 741-4566