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Northwestern Nevada Construction Report

I-580 Reconstruction Project

Construction has completed for this season on the I-580 Southbound Reconstruction Project in Reno.  The project will resume in Spring 2016.

The approximately $12.1 million project by contractor Q & D Construction is improving southbound I-580/U.S. 395 from Glendale Avenue to Moana Lane. Aging concrete roadway slabs last constructed more than 30 years ago have been replaced between Mill Street and Villanova Drive on I-580 southbound. Other areas of existing roadway concrete that are not being replaced will be resurfaced on both directions of the interstate. In addition, select bridges are being seismically retrofitted and interchange crossings below the freeway are receiving Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility enhancements. The project is expected to complete in spring 2016, providing an enhanced concrete southbound I-580 roadway surface. More than 140,000 vehicles travel the stretch of I-580 daily.

View the project website at www.i580project.com.

Carson City Freeway Phase 2B-3 from Fairview Drive to South Carson Street

Construction on phase 2B-3, construction of the freeway from Fairview Drive to South Carson Street, began the first half of 2015.

View project website at www.ccfreeway.com

Carson City Freeway Phase 2B-2, construction of the Snyder Avenue overpass along with drainage and utility relocation work, has been completed.

USA Parkway

The Nevada Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, is planning an extension of USA Parkway from the current end of pavement south to U.S. 50 near Silver Springs in Lyon County. The extension will complete the 18-mile-long roadway and provide an additional connection between I-80 to U.S. 50. The new alignment will enhance accessibility and mobility between Lyon and Storey counties, as well as provide transportation infrastructure to support existing and planned land uses and economic development in both counties.USA Parkway

State Route 28 (Lake Tahoe) Pedestrian Enhancements

NDOT has begun  pedestrian and safety enhancements on State Route 28 in Incline Village. 

The nearly $300,000 project by contractor Sierra Nevada Construction will relocate a crosswalk on State Route 28 west of Village Boulevard closer to existing bus stop and pedestrian crossing points. The crosswalk east of Village Boulevard will remain in place to serve an existing bus stop. 

Both crosswalks will be enhanced with pedestrian crossing warning signs equipped with rapid flashing beacons activated when pedestrians push the crossing button. Street lighting and sidewalk ramps will be added, along with enhanced pedestrian crossing signs in advance of the crosswalks. Left turn lanes from Country Club Drive to State Route 28 will also be installed with new traffic detection systems to help drivers most efficiently and safely get through the intersection. Construction is projected to complete by the end of fall. Drivers should expect minor, intermittent travel delays during construction.

The project is being funded as part of approximately $10 million in state highway funds NDOT will dedicate to pedestrian enhancements in the Las Vegas, Reno and Tahoe areas over the next year. The funding is one component of an ongoing program to build stand-alone pedestrian safety improvements, as well as incorporate safety improvements into road repaving and other projects. Additionally, NDOT dedicates approximately $21 million annually in federal highway safety funds to roadway safety projects and programs.

I-580 Road Improvements Through Washoe Valley

The Nevada Department of Transportation has begun construction of an auxiliary merge lane from Alternative U.S. 395/Eastlake Boulevard to southbound I-580 in north Carson City. The work is part of a project to repave the aging roadway surface, seismically retrofit bridges and make other improvements on Interstate 580 in Washoe Valley.

Through spring, periodic lane and ramp closures will take place on southbound I-580 and the Alternative U.S. 395/Eastlake Boulevard to southbound I-580 merge lane in the Duck Hill area. Construction will extend the existing merge lane to reach Carson Street. The existing merge lane will be extended 2,700 feet, providing additional space and safety to merge.

Also as part of the project, NDOT this fall repaved approximately seven miles of interstate surface through Washoe Valley, with additional paving on remaining stretches of interstate to take place next spring. The interstate was last repaved in 2004, and was in need of resurfacing to keep the roadway smooth and safe.

Over the next year, the project will also seismically retrofit and enhance the I-580 Bellevue Road bridge and Eastlake Boulevard underpass as part of NDOT's continuing effort to retrofit older bridges for enhanced safety and stability during potential earthquakes. The Bellevue Road overpass will be closed intermittently during those road improvements.

The approximately $15 million project by Q & D Construction is scheduled to complete in the fall of 2016.  Approximately 32,000 vehicles travel I-580 daily in the area.

Further project details are available at www.nevadadot.com or by dialing (775) 888-7000


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