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NDOT southern nevada road Construction Report

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I-15 Projects Under NDOT Permit

The City of North Las Vegas, in cooperation with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, have been working to develop plans to improve North 5th Street between Owens Avenue and the Northern Beltway (CC-215), a distance of approximately seven miles.The goal of the North 5th Street Improvements Project is to provide an enhanced north-south transportation corridor along North 5th Street in the City of North Las Vegas. The $30 million bridge is part of the City's North 5th Street Arterial Project. The North 5th Street Bridge is expected to be complete this summer. Funding comes from the RTC. Target Construction is the contractor.

North Las Vegas, Nevada -- Motorists will encounter varying lane closures of northbound and southbound Interstate 15 from Cheyenne Avenue to Lake Mead Boulevard, Monday through Thursday. Most of the lane closures will be in effect from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., however, daytime closures will be in effect on Monday and Tuesday. Crews will be working on the North 5th Street Bridge over I-15.

U.S. 95 Northwest Corridor Improvements

US 95 NW for Projects Page

This multi-phase, multi-year project will improve U.S. 95 from Washington Avenue to Kyle Canyon Road in northwestern Las Vegas by adding lanes, constructing interchanges at Horse Drive and Kyle Canyon Road and creating a system-to-system interchange between U.S. 95 and CC 215, along with other improvements, including aesthetics.

Phase 1, which stretches from Washington Avenue to Ann Road, is complete. Phase 4, which included a new interchange at Horse Drive and U.S. 95, was complete in 2011. Phases 2 and 3 are currently in the final design phases and will proceed when funding becomes available. Phase 5 is scheduled to begin construction in 2018 or later, pending funding. Phases 2 and 5 are in partnership with the City of Las Vegas; Phase 3 is a partnership between NDOT, the City of Las Vegas and Clark County.

The project is currently in Phase 2. The Phase 2 improvements have been divided into two separate contracts for construction. Phase 2A will widen U.S. 95 from Ann Road to Durango Drive and Phase 2B will widen U.S. 95 from Durango Drive to Kyle Canyon Road.

Current/Upcoming Construction - June 2014

Phase 2 improvements consist of the following:

  • Widening U.S. 95 to three lanes in each direction from Ann Road to Centennial Parkway and adding an HOV lane and auxiliary lanes in each direction.
  • Widening U.S. 95 to three lanes in each direction from Centennial Parkway to Durango Drive and adding an HOV lane and auxiliary lanes in each direction.
  • Widening U.S. 95 to three lanes in each direction from Durango Drive to Kyle Canyon Road and adding auxiliary lanes in each direction.
  • Building a new park-and-ride facility in the southwest quadrant of the U.S. 95/Durango Drive interchange.
  • Building sound walls in noise sensitive areas.
  • Implementing drainage, lighting, signing and ITS improvements.
  • Improving landscape and aesthetic features.
  • Relocating utilities as necessary.
U.S. 95 Northwest Corridor Improvements Project

Mount Charleston (Kyle Canyon Widening and Improvements)

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will implement lane restrictions on Kyle Canyon Road (State Route 157) starting at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, Oct.2. Kyle Canyon will be reduced to one lane in a roughly four-mile stretch encompassing the actual work zone (Mile Markers 3.5 and 5.5). The widening and improvements project is part of a collaborative, multi-agency effort funded and supported by FHWA, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS).

The project includes adding approximately 17 miles of road shoulder/bike lanes and two roundabouts to Kyle Canyon Road and an additional roundabout to Lee Canyon Road to improve access near developed recreation sites. During construction, travel will be reduced to one lane of traffic and delays are expected. Motorists are advised to plan accordingly. The initial work involves clearing and grubbing operations. The project is expected to finish in late 2014.

A scenic byway maintained by NDOT, Kyle Canyon Road is an important transportation corridor for approximately 400 residents in Mount Charleston, Rainbow and Echo subdivisions and businesses in upper Kyle Canyon. This road is also a designated Forest Highway, serving as a primary access route for visitors to the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area managed by USFS as well as the Red Rock Conservation Area managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Funding and support for this project comes from several agencies and construction will be overseen by the FHWA.

Update: December 2014

Kyle Canyon Road:

  • There will be no work on the project from 12/20/14 through 01/04/15.
  • All paving with the exception of the friction course will be completed today. The remainder of the Friction Course will be completed in the Spring/Summer.
  • Temporary striping on Kyle Canyon Road will be placed according to the permanent striping plan on the final lift of pavement.
  • Permanent striping will be placed in the Spring/Summer once all of the Friction Course work has been completed.
  • Shouldering of asphalt will be ongoing this week.
  • Installation of signs, guide posts and object markers will be ongoing this week.
  • Shoulder Flattening work from milepost 15 to milepost 21 is anticipated to begin the week of January 12th.
  • Shouldering of pavement, installation of signs, guide posts and object markers, will be ongoing the month of January.
  • It is anticipated that all work will be completed with the exception of the Friction Course by the first week of February.

Update: November 2014

Kyle Canyon Road:

  • Continue pulverize and pave operation. Work anticipated to be complete by the second week of December.
  • Cleaning up and preparing slopes for seeding from the beginning of the project from mileposts 3.3 to 8.2 (Harris Springs) will be ongoing for the next two weeks. Plan to seed beginning the week of 11/10/14.
  • Shouldering of pavement ongoing.
  • Installation of the Guide Posts is scheduled to begin the week of November 3, from the beginning of the project to Harris Springs.
  • Traffic Control: One lane closure with flaggers and pilot car will be ongoing in the section from approximately mileposts 11 to 15. A rolling flagger operation will be working with the seeding operation as needed.

Lee Canyon Road:

  • Seeding has been completed.
  • No work on project.


Upcoming work on the Concrete Pavement for the Kyle Canyon East Roundabout:

  • There will be a lane closure with a traffic signal for work at the Kyle Canyon Roundabout.
  • The lane closure will be in effect Thursday, September 25th for approximately two weeks. The lane closure with traffic signals will be in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Westbound traffic heading up the mountain will be shifted to the eastbound side to get through the roundabout; eastbound traffic will follow their normal traffic pattern.
  • There will be an additional traffic signal in place for the contractor (West Coast Construction) working on the Visitor Center.
  • The pulverize and pavement operation will be ongoing for the next couple of months.This is limited to one-mile sections, and traffic control will consist of a lane closure with flaggers and a pilot car. This work will be going on Monday through Friday during daylight hours.


Below is a brief summary of construction activities and traffic control procedures for recent weeks and upcoming weeks.

Kyle Canyon Road

  • Pulverize and pave work will be ongoing. Pulverize and pave work will be completed to the first lift of pavement in one mile segments. Prior to the weekend, all unpaved sections of roadway will have a primed surface to minimize the need for dust control and maintenance. Anticipate that there will be a primed surface one mile or less each weekend (with the exception of Labor Day Weekend).
  • Currently working one-mile segments beginning at MP 5.0 heading east.
  • Place concrete for sidewalk at East Roundabout.
  • Complete Drop Inlet work.
  • Complete curb work.
  • Traffic Control: Lane closure with flaggers and pilot car.
  • Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. (May go longer than 10 hours if necessary, no later than 30 minutes before Sunset).
  • LABOR DAY WEEKEND: No work from August 29th till September 1st.

Lee Canyon Road

  • Concrete pavement work ongoing for the next two weeks.
  • Scheduled to pave approaches to roundabout next week.
  • Traffic Control: Lane closure with flaggers as needed.

APRIL 2014

Repaving Marks Next Phase on Kyle Canyon Widening and Improvements Project: Crews are removing pavement from Milepost 4 to Milepost 5 in order to work on new roundabouts. Once the pavement is removed, the public will be riding on a surface comprised of dirt and compacted millings for two to three months while the roundabouts are being constructed. There will be closures throughout the project. Closures will be limited to two to four miles at a time with flaggers and pilot car. As a result of additional funding from NDOT, the 17-mile stretch will also be resurfaced. As such, the project is expected to finish in Spring 2015 as opposed to late 2014.

When traveling through construction zones, motorists should observe posted speed limits and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

Other Construction/Improvement Projects in Southern Nevada

I-15 Repaving Project Near Moapa Valley

The Nevada Department of Transportation is repaving a 26-mile stretch on I-15 in the northbound and southbound directions from Dry Lakes to the Logandale/Overton Interchange (near State Route 169). Begun in January 2014 and expected to finish Spring 2015, the project will improve the condition of the road from Milepost 69 to Milepost 95.

The project is scheduled to shut down Fall 2014, with no traffic closures, and resume for completion Spring 2015. The contractor for the $36 million project is Las Vegas Paving.

October 2014 Update:

The second I-15 southbound lane near Moapa is expected to open by Thanksgiving, as crews are still repairing damages that resulted from the September 8 rainstorm.




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U.S. 95 Indian Springs Pavement Resurfacing Project

NDOT will commence mill and asphalt overlay operations on U.S. 95 near Indian Springs on February 2.  Seventeen miles in both directions of U.S. 95 beginning near Indian Springs and ending in Mercury in Nye County will be repaved.  Safety improvements will be made to the shoulders by flattening out the roadside.  In addition, NDOT will be improving the drainage system.  At least one lane will be open at all times in both directions during the duration of the project. 

The project cost is $22 million, and Las Vegas Paving is the prime contractor.  The estimated project completion is Fall 2015.    

Motorists should expect delays and heed all traffic control devices.