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 Kietzke Lane Safety Management Plan

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NDOT’s main priority is the safety, connectivity and mobility of all Nevada state roads.

The Kietzke Lane Safety Management Plan is an effort that examined the safety issues and concerns on Kietzke Lane from Galletti Way to South Virginia Street in Reno, and made recommendations for improvements to enhance safety for all road users. This study's aim is to ultimately improve the safety, mobility and connectivity of Kietzke Lane so that pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles can all more securely access and share the road.

Study Overview

The study took approximately 12 months, with a report of proposed recommendations presented during a public meeting in February 2013. Using data and input from the public, the study proposed short-term and long-term safety improvements to this area of Kietzke Lane. These recommendations have been prioritized into proposed short and long term improvements to potentially be completed based on funding and needs.

The full report can be accessed through the link toward the bottom of this page.

Study Process

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The study thoroughly evaluated:

∙  Existing safety issues and crash records

∙  Existing vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian and transit use and interaction on the roadway

∙  Existing bicycle/pedestrian and transit facilities and their compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

∙  Roadway lighting

∙  Roadway sight distance

∙  Existing and future policies, studies and plans for the roadway and surrounding land use

∙  Roadway lane configuration, traffic control devices and access (median islands, turn lanes, etc.)

The Nevada Highway Patrol, City of Reno, Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County and other partners assisted to provide valuable input into these areas.

Project Documents


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