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Date Published: 2013-11-07

Contact: Damon H odge

Phone: (702) 385-6509

Title: NDOT Seeks Competitive Bids for Rest Area Sponsorships

Story Text:

LAS VEGAS - The Nevada Department of Transportation is seeking competitive bids from private firms to sponsor one or more rest areas on state highways and/or administer the program. The winning bidder to sponsor a rest area will be allowed to place a sign along a state highway and multiple signs inside the rest areas. The services they provide may include, but not be limited to, janitorial services at rest areas, cleaning up picnic areas, litter and debris pick-up, mowing, vegetation control, WI-FI, travel information centers or funding donations for such services.

The administration for this program involves marketing, administering, recruiting and securing sponsors to provide donations to fund rest area-related maintenance services. In 2013, the Nevada Legislature passed NRS 408.433-567 allowing NDOT to enter into contracts with private entities to sponsor rest areas. Currently there are more than 30 rest areas throughout the state, but until now private companies were not allowed to place signs at rest areas or along the highway. Sales of products and services are not allowed through this sponsorship program.

"This program is a win-win-win for everyone involved," NDOT Director Rudy Malfabon said. "The traveling public gets a clean rest area, the taxpayers don't have to fund the maintenance of the facilities and a private company gets acknowledged on signs placed at the rest area, where it is normally prohibited."

For more information on sponsoring or administering the program, log on to Rest Area Sponsorship Program, or contact Ed Wilson at (775) 888-7711 or dwilson@dot.state.nv.us.

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Established in 1917, the Nevada Department of Transportation is responsible for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of 5,400 miles of highway and more than 1,000 bridges comprising the state highway system. NDOT's mission is to provide a better transportation system for Nevada through unified and dedicated efforts. The department is divided into three districts. The districts are responsible for supervising all state transportation activities within their local areas. NDOT's headquarters is located in Carson City; district offices are in Las Vegas, Reno and Elko. NDOT is overseen by a seven-member directors' board and run by senior staff. Visit NDOT's Website for more information.