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Date Published: 2013-07-08

Contact: Damon Hodge

Phone: (702) 385-6509

Title: I-11 Study Hits Milestone as Progress, Support Continues

Story Text:

LAS VEGAS - Nearly a year ago, discussion surrounding a new interstate corridor linking Phoenix and Las Vegas launched into a formal study to examine the possibility of connecting these two metropolitan areas, while potentially extending the corridor through the western United States. One year later, supporters continue to rally behind making Interstate 11 a reality and building a corridor that will present new opportunities for travel, trade, tourism and economic development.

This week the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor Study, led by the Nevada and Arizona departments of transportation, reached a milestone with the completion of the Draft Corridor Justification Report, which is now available for public comment. The report concludes that further study of the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor, which received a congressional designation in June 2012 and is being planned as a multimodal corridor, is indeed justified and is necessary to enhance transportation infrastructure, economic development and global trade opportunities.

The report can be found at i11study.com. For those interested in providing input about the report, visit the "Get involved" page on the I-11 website. The public comment period for this document runs through July 26; general comments about the study are welcome throughout the process. The Draft Corridor Justification Report will be finalized in August. As the I-11 concept takes shape and support strengthens for the project among the public, policymakers and stakeholders, the needs for a new corridor have become clear. The population of the western United States is rapidly growing, global trade is expanding and transportation infrastructure is reaching capacity and is not expected to sustain future growth. The report outlines several key justifications for the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor:

  • Enable economic development;
  • Add needed north-south capacity;
  • Integrate the economies of the Southwest Triangle megaregion (Southern California, the Sun Corridor of Arizona and the Greater Mohave Region centered on Las Vegas) and improve connections to other regions;
  • Capitalize on Mexico's growing role in North American manufacturing and trade;
  • Support economic development initiatives in Arizona and Nevada;
  • Prevent congestion from crippling economic competitiveness;
  • Comply with enabling federal legislation and the congressional designation.

The I-11 study is a two-year, multiphase, high-level study examining the feasibility, benefits, opportunities and constraints of a proposed new interstate highway corridor that would connect Phoenix and Las Vegas, and potentially extend north to Canada and south to Mexico. This initial study is expected to be completed next year. For more information about the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor Study and to sign up for updates, visit the I-11 Website.