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Date Published: 2010-10-14

Contact: Meg Ragonese

Phone: (775) 888-7172

Title: Wind Warning System to Be in Place for Hoover Dam Bridge Opening Later This Month

Story Text:

For enhanced safety, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) will utilize a wind advisory and warning system to redirect high-profile commercial trucks and other large vehicles around the soon-to-open Hoover Dam Bridge during heavy winds.

The new Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Hoover Dam Bridge) will open in late October to once again carry truck traffic and improve general travel through the Hoover Dam area. High-profile vehicles such as commercial trucks, RVs, campers, buses and large truck-trailer combinations will not be allowed on U.S. 93 over the new bridge during 50 mile-per-hour-plus wind gusts or sustained winds of more than 40 miles per hour. Wind advisories will also be posted during sustained winds of 25 to 39 miles per hour and gusts of 30 to 49 miles per hour to advise high-profile vehicle drivers. For safety and better wind protection, high-profile vehicles will also be asked to always use the inside left travel lane over the new Hoover Dam Bridge.

WIND WARNING- During wind warnings, high-profile vehicles such as commercial trucks, RVs, campers, buses and large truck-trailer combinations will not be allowed over the Hoover Dam Bridge. High-profile vehicle drivers will need to seek alternate routes, such as U.S. 95 (U.S. 93 in Arizona) to Laughlin.

WIND ADVISORY- During wind advisories, high-profile vehicles will be allowed on the Hoover Dam Bridge, but advised that wind gusts could reach up to 49 miles per hour.

Drivers can learn of wind-related closures in many ways. Signs located on U.S. 93 from west of Boulder City to the Hoover Dam Bridge, as well as on the Arizona side of the bridge, will report wind warnings with a High Profile Vehicles Prohibited message. While not behind the wheel, drivers can call 511 or 1-877-NV-ROADS for road conditions. Drivers stopped to use the computer can also view nvroads.com for the same information, and will be able to choose the ClearPath logo for e-mail or text message updates on any Hoover Dam Bridge wind conditions.

“The trucking industry is a vital part of our transportation system,” NDOT Deputy Director Scott Rawlins said. “This system, and any detours that may be necessitated by winds, will help protect the safety of not just those driving large vehicles, but all motorists.”

The wind warning system is based on extensive studies of the Hoover Dam-area wind patterns and NDOT’s successful, long-term use of a similar wind warning system on U.S. 395 in northern Nevada’s Washoe Valley.