Handheld cell use illegal when driving

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Keep NEVADA Moving

A modern transportation system is essential to Nevada’s ability to attract visitors, move people and goods, improve quality of life for its residents, and provide beneficial family-wage jobs. In these uncertain economic times, Nevada is left to search for innovative delivery and funding strategies to keep up with the transportation needs of our state’s expanded population.

One way to achieve this: public-private partnerships which allow the state to leverage limited public funds and utilize private capital to finance, design, build, operate, and/or maintain needed transportation improvements that could not otherwise be funded. NDOT’s Pioneer Program was created to assess and implement these public-private partnerships designed to ensure prompt delivery of needed projects, provide a more efficient transportation system, and contribute to an improved lifestyle and economy for Nevada.  

Goals of the Pioneer Program

  •  Keep Nevada competitive and moving
  • Enhance Nevada’s standard of living and economic vitality by increasing mobility for commuters, visitors, transit, and economic commerce
  • Reduce congestion on heavily-traveled Nevada transportation corridors
  • Deliver projects faster and with greater cost certainty throughout the state, thus promoting rural economies and job-boosting development
  • Improve safety by unlocking gridlocked roadways
  • Improve air quality by reducing the number of idling vehicles stuck in traffic
  • Enhance express transit, vanpool, and rideshare opportunities in applicable areas
  • Generate revenue and leverage limited public funds to potentially fund other needed transportation improvements in Nevada