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Sign/Billboard Permits


While billboards cannot be located on Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) right-of-way, NDOT issues permits for billboards installed near National Highway System routes outside of State right-of-way.

Available Forms

Application Process

To begin the application process, start by clicking on the "Sign Permit Application" link above and completing all required information.

Application details:

Applications must be submitted in the name of the sign owner, not the land owner.

Fill out the name of the property owner and attach a copy of a signed consent from the land owner. This can be in the form of a letter, affidavit or lease.

Provide the sign location by city, highway route and side of the highway. This location should be one that the Inspector can use to locate the proposed sign site (i.e., 385’ north of milepost 23, 1500’ east of Acme Drive, south side of Winnemucca Motel, etc.). Indicate the type of construction material and whether the sign is illuminated or not.

Note: If you are installing a changeable message on the sign, include the Supplemental Changeable Message Sign Application with your submittal.

The sign owner or the owner’s agent must sign and give their title, printed name, telephone and tax ID. If the tax ID is the Social Security Number, do not put the number on the form, as it will become public record. You may leave the tax ID blank in that case.

For land that is zoned, the local zoning authority must fill out, sign and date the Zoning Affidavit portion of the application. All blanks must be filled in. If there are any actions that are listed in the Zoning Affidavit portion, please include them with the application or processing will be delayed. This must be signed and dated within three (3) months of when the application is submitted to NDOT.

Note: Some commercial zones are not considered conforming and may require special attention and approvals.

For land that is not zoned, the Applicant must include a sketch map that shows that the sign is within a qualifying zone (outlined in NAC 410.320) of an operating business on either side of the highway. The area considered as a qualifying zone is the frontage of the business to 600 feet on either side of business frontage measured along the shoulder of the highway. The business must be within 660 feet of the highway.


Application fees are $200.  This amount includes $150 for inspection and $50 for the annual permit fee for the first year.  A $50 annual permit fee will be billed in December of each year the sign remains. 

Supplemental Changeable Message Sign Applications submitted at the time of original Sign Permit Application are free. If the Supplemental Changeable Message Sign Application is submitted separately, a fee of $150 will apply.

Sign Permit Applications should be submitted to one of the following locations (nearest the sign):

Las Vegas (includes Tonopah and Caliente)

(702) 385-6500

123 E. Washington Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Map-Las Vegas

Reno (includes Carson City)

(775) 834-8300

310 Galletti Way
Sparks, Nevada 89431



(775) 623-8015

725 W. 4th Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445



(775) 777-2725

1951 Idaho Street
Elko, NV 89801 



(775) 289-1706

1401 East Aultman Street
Ely, NV 89301


Political Signs

For information regarding posting of political signs near state roads, please visit our political sign webpage.