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Permits Needed For

Ensuring the protection of the traveling public and ease of mobility to all users of Nevada roadways is one of the Nevada Department of Transportation's (NDOT) highest goals.  One way NDOT accomplishes this goal is by requiring permits for all uses outside of "normal" travel.  Occupancy Permits are necessary for granting use of State roadway for a temporary event, permanent utility or development work within State right-of-way.  

In addition to Occupancy Permits, NDOT requires Trucker Operation Permits; listed below are links to the appropriate sites to get more information.


Permanent Encroachment –  


See Permanent Encroachments on the Occupancy Permits page for information.

 Temporary Occupancy


Hazardous clean-up, parades, vehicle rallies, races, photography or filming and other temporary uses, including temporary construction access.  See Temporary Occupancy Permit page for information. 

Sign/Billboards –        


While billboards can not be located on NDOT right-of-way, NDOT issues permits for billboards installed near National Highway System routes outside of state right-of-way.  See Sign/Billboard Permits page for information. 

Political signs – 


No political sign can be placed within state highway rights-of-way.  See Political Sign Rules & Regulations page for information. 

Telecom Installations -


The Nevada Department of Transportation will process applications for telecommunication facilities in state highway rights-of-way pursuant to NAC 408 (effective 11/1/01).  See Telecommunications Permit Installations page for information. 




Over-dimensional /overweight – 


NDOT manages over-sized or overweight, non-reducible (non-divisible) vehicles and loads traveling anywhere in Nevada as well as reducible (divisible) vehicles and loads that are 70 feet or less in length and exceeding 80,000 pounds.  See Over-Dimensional Permits page for information

Longer Combination Vehicles – 

 Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Motor Carrier Division manages reducible (divisible) vehicles and loads over 70 feet in length.

US DOT Commercial Vehicle Number 
  These permits are obtained through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.