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Partnering Program

What Is The Partnering Program?


Nevada faces a multibillion-dollar transportation funding deficit. Meanwhile, transportation projects grow more complex, potentially leading to construction-related problems or delays. To formalize an already-strong working relationship and most efficiently build Nevada’s needed transportation infrastructure, NDOT and the contracting community have jointly instituted a partnering program.

The partnering program is a structured process to help avoid and resolve potential construction-related conflicts and delays. The program has four major components which will be enacted through professional partnering facilitators on all NDOT projects over $10 million (recommended for projects between $1 and $10 million):

  • Performance measures
  • Formal dispute resolution procedures
  • Measurable return on investment for taxpayers
  • Awards and recognition

The partnering program has four major goals:

  1. Produce quality projects
  2. Deliver projects ahead of schedule or on-time
  3. Produce projects within budget
  4. Increase worker safety

Partnering has been used in many industries as a tool to help manage projects, help identify problems and overcome potential conflicts. The state of Nevada’s transportation construction partnering program will help the state continually build quality transportation infrastructure projects for Nevada residents and visitors.

New Partnering Guide - September 2010



Partnering Program Manager
Lisa Schettler, P.E.

NDOT Construction
Phone:(775) 888-7460