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Special Instructions for Survey, Mapping or GIS Consultants

This Consultant Special Instructions manual has been created to provide a ready reference to established uniform policies, procedures, and minimum standards for consultants developing mapping and survey information for the Department, while also reflecting standards used by the Location Division.
GIS Consultant Manual 2007
Please note the following significant changes:

  • Map Accuracy Standards
  • ASCII monument description format has changed
  • NDOT official units are now US Survey feet
  • Inclusion of monument perpetuation instructions
  • Mandatory testing of photogrammetric products using the NSSDA standards
  • New map feature codes
  • A new GIS section

Department policy and procedures are subject to change. Prior to starting a mapping or survey project, please check with the Location Division, Cartography Section at (775) 888-7449 for any addendum or updated versions of this manual. Technical Survey questions should be directed to the Geodesy Section at (775) 888-7256. GIS questions should be referred to the GIS Coordinator at (775) 888-7265. Imagery questions should call (775) 888-7162.

Consultant Manual

The all new 2014 Consultant Manual draft version (2.7 MB).

Revisions to this current draft are forthcoming and will be available on this web site once completed.

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