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Public Records Requests

Our policy is to provide copies or access to unrestricted public records as expeditiously as possible. What you need to know to submit a records request or make an appointment to view records can be found here. 

Frequently Requested Documents


Many NDOT records are already available online for public viewing and downloading.  Please search these before submitting a formal records request.

Available Resources and Libraries
General Online Records Search
Reports & Publications
Studies & Programs
Research Library
Accident & Crash Data
Annual Traffic Reports
General Inquiries & Questions (other than specific documents or files)

Subpoenas Duces Tecum

Must be personally served to:
Physical Address: Nevada Department of Transportation 
  (Attn: A075/Subpoena Duces Tecum) 
  1263 South Stewart Street (Room 101)
  Carson City, NV 89712 

Active NDOT Contractors, Consultants and Vendors

  • Please contact your NDOT project manager or staff representative for assistance if the records you need are directly related to an NDOT project that you are currently working.

Contact Info and Forms

E-Mail Address: PublicRecordsRequests@dot.state.nv.us
  (Preferred; this is delivered directly to the NDOT Records Manager) 
Mailing and Physical Address: Nevada Department of Transportation 
  (Attn: A075/NDOT Records Manager) 
  1263 South Stewart Street (Room 101)
  Carson City, NV 89712 
Request Form:     NDOT Public Records Request Form
    (Complete, sign and attach to your e-mail or deliver as is)

Request Form PDF:   NDOT Public Records Request Form PDF



Guidelines for Submitting a Public Records Request

  • Due to the volume of requests, records accessibility, staff availability, and legal constraints, we may need a few days or weeks to locate and produce some records.
  • Concise, typewritten requests using the “Request Form” and our e-mail address above are preferred.  Handwritten requests must be legible.
  • Written requests are necessary as we must track a high volume of active requests, and we want to ensure everyone gets a quick, accurate and thorough response.
  • E-mail or deliver your request directly to the NDOT Records Manager in Carson City.  We will coordinate the records search and NDOT's response with appropriate staff.
  • Be specific and reduce the scope as much as possible.  Details regarding locations, dates or contract numbers are helpful. This will focus and expedite our records search.
  • Include the requestor’s contact information, preferably with e-mail and physical mailing addresses and day-time phone number.
  • Pursuant to NRS Chapter 239.0107, we will acknowledge receipt of your request and provide you a status report within five business days.  We will provide you a staff contact point and, if necessary, ask for clarification so we can expedite the search for records relevant to your needs.  
  • Records are not always readily accessible.  Both electronic and hard copy records are maintained statewide in dozens of NDOT offices and on multiple servers, and most permanant and long term records are eventually compiled and stored in our Carson City Central Records Office. 
  • To save yourself and our staff time, prior to dropping by an NDOT office to see documents or files that may or may not be on-hand, we request that you submit a written appointment and records request.  Include your preferred times and location and desired records.  We will coordinate a meeting with you as soon as practical. 
  • Please keep in mind that NDOT may also charge for copies in accordance with NRS 239.055.
  • We appreciate your patience.  Your request is a priority for our staff, and we will respond as quickly, accurately and thoroughly as possible.
  • NRS 239, Public Records
  • NRS 239C, Homeland Security
  • NAC 239, Public Records
  • Nevada State Library and Archives