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To better manage the expansive territory of Nevada, NDOT has divided Nevada into three regions.

You will be able to access all motorist information regarding each specific region in this section of the site. If you have any questions about encroachment permits in a specific region, this will be your gateway to the information regarding those permits. News releases about each of the 3 specific regions will also be available in this section. A form will be available for you to request information or simply receive answers to any questions you may have.


NDOT is divided into three large geographical districts for administrative purposes.

District 1 covers southern Nevada, with headquarters in Las Vegas, and a major maintenance station in Tonopah.

District 2 covers northwest Nevada, with headquarters in Sparks.

District 3 covers northeast Nevada, with headquarters in Elko, and major maintenance stations in Winnemucca and Ely.

District Telephone Numbers
NDOT District Telephone Numbers 
District Office  Telephone  Fax  Road Conditions 
District 1 , Las Vegas  702-385-6500 702-385-6511 877-NV-ROADS
Tonopah  775-482-2375 775-482-2310 877-NV-ROADS
District 2 , Sparks  775-834-8300 775-834-8390 877-NV-ROADS
District 3 , Elko  775-777-2700 775-777-2705 877-NV-ROADS
Winnemucca  775-623-8000 775-623-8030 877-NV-ROADS
Ely  775-289-1700 775-289-1710 877-NV-ROADS