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Bus and Bus Facility (5309) Program

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Public transit in Nevada ranges from modern Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Urban Areas to Para transit buses providing service to the elderly and disabled located in remote locations.

Larger transit systems, operated under the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), can be found in Urbanized Areas of Nevada such as Las Vegas, Reno/Sparks, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe. Outside of the Urbanized Areas, many Nevada residents depend on rural transit systems for connection to the Urbanized Areas as well as maintaining their quality of life.

The NDOT Transit Section is responsible for helping in the creation and continuation of these services by administering the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Grants on an annual basis for the Bus and Bus Facility (5339) program.

FTA program specific information and eligibility requirements:

- 5339 Bus & Bus Facilities

  • The Buses and Bus Related Equipment and Facilities program (49 U.S.C. 5339) provides capital assistance for new and replacement buses, related equipment, and facilities.

    Eligibility Requirements: Eligible recipients for capital investment funds are public bodies and agencies (transit authorities and other state and local public bodies and agencies thereof) including states, municipalities, other political subdivisions of states; public agencies and instrumentalities of one or more states; certain public corporations, boards and commissions established under state law; and private companies engaged in public transportation and private non-profit organizations. Funds are allocated on a discretionary basis.

    Eligible Activities: Purchasing of buses for fleet and service expansion, bus maintenance and administrative facilities, transfer facilities, bus malls, transportation centers, intermodal terminals, park-and-ride stations, acquisition of replacement vehicles, bus rebuilds, bus preventive maintenance, passenger amenities such as passenger shelters and bus stop signs, accessory and miscellaneous equipment such as mobile radio units, supervisory vehicles, fare boxes, computers and shop and garage equipment.

FTA Circular: Bus and Bus Facilities