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The Roadway section, within the Planning division, is a diverse section comprising of a verity of functions and responsibilities pertaining to the federal and state level.

Many of the sections responsibilities derive from NDOT’s need to comply with federal laws. Among these are a responsibility for developing and updating a statewide highway functional classification of roadways in rural and urban areas to determine functional usage of the existing roads and streets. Another is to support the FHWA’s role by providing data pertaining to the extent, performance and condition of the states roadways.

In addition, there are state level responsibilities that need to be met as well, included are the responsibilities to maintain a road inventory, administration of the NDOT milepost program, and the collection of roadway images are but a few of the overall scope and duties related to the Roadway section.

To find supplemental information on these topics and more, please see the “Functional Responsibilities” page within the Roadway’s Systems collection of web pages.

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