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I - 80 Corridor System Master Plan (2014)

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The I-80 Corridor System Master Plan (I-80 CSMP) was initiated by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) in Spring 2012. The final study was completed in 2014 and is available here 2014 I 80 CSMP Final.

The primary goal of the plan was to identify a broader scope of elements that can improve the mobility of the I-80 corridor and the livability of the communities it serves. The update for the I 580/I 80/ US 395 interchange portion of the study is available here2014 I 80 Washoe Update

A wider range of topics related to the I-80 corridor over previous studies were discussed. Additionally, a wide range of stakeholders ranging from federal, state, regional, and city agencies as well as business professional and involved citizens from four states (California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming) participated.

The objective was to provide a collaborative venue to share information, identify problems, and provide solutions that captured the perspectives and ideas for this project ultimately led to the creation of the I-80 Stakeholder Network.

Additional information about the I-80 CSMP, provided by the I-80 Stakeholder Network, is available Study Website.In addition, for historical context the 2009 I-80 Corridor Study is also available.

I-80 CSMP Appendixes


I-80 2014 Appendix 1 Vision   I-80 2014 Appendix 10 Working Groups
I-80 2014 Appendix 2 Economic Assessment   I-80 2014 Appendix 11 Energy Infrastructure Working Group
I-80 2014 Appendix 3 GIS   I-80 2014 Appendix 12 Freight and Logisitics Working Group
I-80 2014 Appendix 4 Livability   I-80 2014 Appendix 13 Maintenance Working Group
I-80 2014 Appendix 5 Performance Measures   I-80 2014 Appendix 14 MAP 21 Working Group
I-80 2014 Appendix 6 Public Engagement Social Media   I-80 2014 Appendix 15 Safety Working Group
I-80 2014 Appendix 7 Partner States Task Force   I-80 2014 Appendix 16 Tourism Working Group
I-80 2014 Appendix 8 Planning Technical and Joint Task Forces   I-80 2014 Appendix 17 Truck Parking Working Group
I-80 2014 Appendix 9 Identified Existing Initiatives Projects (under revision)   I-80 2014 Appendix 18 Wildlife Crossing Working Group