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Freight Assessment Project

2013 / 08 / 09, Freight Image No Text

The Department is conducting an initial freight assessment study preparatory to developing a new Nevada Freight Plan. This effort includes the evaluation of the 2000 Goods Movement Study and other recent planning efforts to identify issues, concerns, and opportunities regarding freight movement in the state, as well as to determine the effectiveness of any previous recommendations that have been implemented.

The assessment will also evaluate the freight industry from an economic perspective and identify areas for potential growth and development.

The final report will summarize the current freight operations and economy in Nevada, and develop the framework for the Nevada Freight Plan, including freight planning activities that conform to programs and goals of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21).

The content includes:

  • Study Purpose, Freight Update, and Approach
  • Current Nevada Freight Economy
  • Inventory of Freight Infrastructure
  • Freight Needs and Issues
  • Future Goods Movement and Strategic Direction
  • Implementation Recommendations

The Department has assembled a Nevada Freight Working Group to provide input on the assessment including, but not limited to, infrastructure needs, freight bottlenecks, and economical viability. The group will also review and provide feedback on the final draft of the report. The final published report will be available in Q4–2013.

Fore More Information

Bill Thompson,
NDOT Project Manager
Telephone: 775 - 888 -7354

Mike McCarley,
Jacobs Project Director
Telephone: 702 - 938 - 5570