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Material Site Map Atlas


Material Site Map Atlas

The Material Site Map Atlas has been prepared for the purpose of showing the approximate locations of material sites located statewide. Material sites provide the aggregates that are made into the concrete, bituminous, base, and borrow layers that make up the pavement structural sections on roads. Contractors are able to request use of cleared and permitted material sites located near project limits to reduce haul distances, save resources, and provide a safe place for staging operations on road projects.

The shapes and locations of material sites shown in the Material Site Map Atlas are from a data set maintained by NDOT's           Right-of-Way Division called the "Material Pits Feature." The data set used to show the material sites is continually updated.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) material sites shown in the Material Site Map Atlas are active and authorized BLM material site rights-of-way. "Private Owner" material sites are privately held and have been sampled or explored for construction materials. However, there are typically no access or use agreements on file with NDOT for "Private Owner" material sites.

The Material Site Map Atlas is for informational purposes only. It is possible that a material site status can change and there is no guarantee that the material site status is exactly as shown in the manual. The material sites shown on the maps do not imply that each and every individual site can be used as a material source or staging area for NDOT contracts and projects.

Various clearances and permits to access and use any of the non-private material sites are required. Therefore, users must contact the Material Site Operations Section Supervisor at (775) 888-7791 before entering or using any material sites. It is necessary to verify the material site status and users should ask questions and report noticeable errors.

Users must locate and contact all private owners for permission to access and use any "Private Owner" material sites.

Material Site Map Atlas

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Quadrangle Numbers 6-3 through 9-2 

Quadrangle Numbers 9-1 through 14-2 

The Material Site Map Atlas is also available as individual PDF files representing any one of the 129 quadrangles that comprise the state of Nevada.

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General Contact Information

Nevada Department of Transportation
Materials Division
Material Site Operations Section Supervisor
1263 South Stewart Street Carson City, NV 89712
Telephone: (775) 888-7791