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Documentation Manual

2011 Documetation Manual Cover

The NDOT Documentation Manual is a collection of previous Documentation Manuals, updated to meet today’s standards in documenting work performed by contractors on highway construction projects. This Manual is for use by Resident Engineers, field office personnel, inspectors and construction survey crews.

This Manual is based off NDOT’s Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction ensuring compliance with contract measurement and payment methods. All items incorporated within a contract are to be documented, measured, or computed and supported by a date and initials of the person completing the documentation. Should an unusual method of payment occur, the methods in this Manual may need to be modified to fit the situation by utilizing the unit of measure (linear foot, gallons, square yards, cubic yards etc.) as outlined in the Manual.

The Headquarters Construction Staff appreciates any suggestions from field personnel that will help to improve in establishing uniform documentation procedures.


Documentation Manual - Complete Manual rev 7/15  (32 MB)


Table of Contents (revised 08/11)

Main Index (revised 04/11)

Chapter 01 Organization of Project Documents (revised 08/11)

Chapter 02 Setting up a Contract (revised 04/11)

Chapter 03 Force Account (revised 08/11)

Chapter 04 Removal Items (revised 04/11)

Chapter 05 Earthwork Items (revised 10/10)

Chapter 06 Landscaping and Irrigation Items (revised 11/09)

Chapter 07 Traffic Signal and Lighting System Item (revised 11/09)

Chapter 08 Roadway Aggregate Items (revised 10/10)

Chapter 09 Plantmix Surfacing Items (revised 04/11)

Chapter 10 Liquid and Emulsified Asphalt (revised 04/11)

Chapter 11 PCCP Roadbed Mod Recycled Bit Surface Items (revised 10/10)

Chapter 12 Major Structures and Pile Items (revised 10/10)

Chapter 13 Pipe RCB Misc Structures Retaining Sound and MSE Walls (revised 11/09)

Chapter 14 Curb and Gutter and Related Items (revised 11/09)

Chapter 15 Fence Items (revised 04/11)

Chapter 16 Guardrail Items (revised 04/11)

Chapter 17 Guidepost and Object Markers (revised 11/09)

Chapter 18 Miscelleous Items (revised 10/10)

Chapter 19 Lump Sum Items (revised 10/10)

Chapter 20 Flagging Rent Equip Office Space Trainee Hours (revised 08/11)

Chapter 21 Mob and Rent Const Items (revised 10/10)

Chapter 22 Temp and Perm Signs Items (revised 11/09)

Chapter 23 Preparations of Progress Payments (revised 08/11)

Chapter 24 Finaling Out a Contract (revised 08/11)

Chapter 25 Calculations and Reports (revised 11/09)

Chapter 26 Distribution of Documents (revised 7/15)