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Construction Manual

2009, Construction Manual Cover

The NDOT Construction Manual is a compilation of previous manuals combined with new material based on extensive research on construction materials and techniques and collaboration with the department administrators, engineers and technicians.

This manual meets the requirements of Transportation Policy 1-8-1 by establishing uniform policies and procedures for administration of the department’s construction contracts and provides guidance and direction to the personnel administering them.

Our goal was to provide a manual that leads to the construction of quality transportation projects by improving decision making in the field, by providing up to date information on new and innovative materials and construction techniques.

The manual also is serving as a training tool in order to provide statewide consistency in all aspects of the construction process. Through usage of this manual in concert with supplemental classes and workshops, engineering consultants, staff new and seasoned will find this manual paramount to expediting their duties.


Construction Manual - Complete Manual (revised 11/12) (6.5 MB)


Table of Contents (revised 01/09)

Section 1 - General (revised 01/09)

Section 2 - Responsibilities (revised 01/09)

Section 3 - Administration (revised 01/09)

Section 4 - Surveying (revised 01/09)

Section 5 - IA Testing Frequencies (revised 11/12)

Section 5 - Project Testing Frequencies (revised 11/12)

Section 5 - Sampling (revised 01/09)

Section 6 - Construction policies relating to:

                 Standard Specifications: Sections 100.0 - 101.2 (revised 01/09)

                                                         Sections 201.1 - 214.4 (revised 01/09)

                                                         Sections 300.1 - 307.4 (revised 01/09)

                                                         Sections 400.1 - 496.5 (revised 01/09)

                                                         Sections 501.1 - 509.4 (revised 01/09)

                                                         Sections 601.1 - 660.4 (revised 01/09)

Glossary (revised 01/09)

Index (revised 01/09)