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Location Division


The Location Division / GIS section plays a vital role within the department's functionality. A key aspect of this section’s role relates to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The GIS section manages the implementation and deployment of statewide GIS activities for the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT).

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer based information system used to digitally represent and analyze the geographic features present on the Earth's surface. Any object present on the Earth’s surface can be geo-referenced. 'Geo-referencing' refers to the location of a layer or coverage in space defined by the co-ordinate referencing system.

GIS technology integrates common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the unique visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by maps. These abilities distinguish GIS from other information systems and make it valuable to a wide range of public and private enterprises for explaining events, predicting outcomes, and planning strategies.

The files provided here relate to information pertaining to the NDOT’s scope of activities, assets and boundaries lines for counties and districts.

Below are the currently available services, guides and manuals that provide information pertaining to the scope and function of the Location Division.

Location Division Departments

  • Survey
  • Geodesy Services
  • Photogrammetry
  • Imagery
  • Cartography and Map Sales
  • Geographic Info Systems GIS - Downloadable Files 



          Please contact the GIS section directly if you require the Shapefile format.  (775) 888-7243



      This dataset was compiled on the (NDOT) computer system at headquarters in Carson City, NV. The data can be used for mapping and data purposes only.

      No liability is assumed for the current accuracy or utility of the data on any system or for general / scientific purposes.

      Requestor agrees to assure and hold harmless the Nevada Department of Transportation, their agents, consultants, contractors and employees from any and all liability claims or damages to any person arising from or connected with the use of the data obtained in the GIS.



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