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Water Quality (BMP) Manuals


The Nevada Department of Transportation has prepared two Water Quality Manuals, the Planning and Design Guide and the Construction Site Best Management Practices Manual, to assist in compliance with the Clean Water Act, as well as state and local regulations. These manuals are not intended to establish a legal standard of care of conduct. These manuals are subject to modification, revision, and addendum as conditions warrant.

The NDOT Construction Site Best Management Practices Manual is available for purchase. The cost is $30.00. Contact NDOT Administrative Services at (775) 888-7070. Updates to this manual will be listed as addendums and posted for download from this website. Notification of posted updates will not be provided. 

Planning and Design Guide


The Planning and Design Guide (PDG) manual, part of NDOT's water quality, erosion, and sediment control program, provides information and procedures relevant to the storm water activities and responsibilities of the Nevada Department of Transportation. The PDG addresses key regulatory, policy, and technical requirements to incorporate permanent storm water Best Management Practices into the planning and design of applicable NDOT projects. If you have a 2004 Planning and Design Guide, please download the manual revision addendum here.


2006 Planning and Design Guide (5 MB)

Construction Site Best Management Practices


This manual, part of NDOT's statewide effort to prevent pollution in storm water runoff from construction projects, addresses minimum contractor requirements for selecting, implementing and maintaining Construction Site Best Management Practices. If you have a 2004 Construction Site Best Management Practices manual, please download the manual revision addendum here. A condensed version of this manual was created for construction crew inspectors. The Field Manual contains conventional BMP fact sheets required for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan compliance on NDOT projects. This manual is not available for purchase however is available for download. 

2006 Construction Site Best Management Practices (9 MB)


For construction projects advertised prior to January 2006, the 2004 Construction Site Best Management Practices Manual may have been required by the specifications as a contract document. 

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding either of these documents, please refer to the acknowledgements pages in each manual to contact a program representative, or contact the:
Nevada Department of Transportation
Hydraulics Section

Phone: (775) 888-7619

 Important Note: User is not obligated to use the SWPPP template in these manuals. Electronic SWPPP Template can be found at: http://ndep.nv.gov/bwpc/storm01.htm. NDEP's Temporary Working in Waterways forms can be found at http://ndep.nv.gov/bwpc/forms.htm.