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CADD Software Standards

The Nevada DOT documents standard CADD software and version numbers to aid in the transfer of engineering data, and to assist in providing uniformity in CADD procedures. Service provider suppliers of CADD information are required to natively create and provide graphic files in a MicroStation format using Nevada DOT CADD Software Standard Versions.

Nevada DOT CADD Software Standard Versions





Version Number





V8i Microstation V8i V8i  SS2 Bentley Systems, Inc. 
V7  Microstation/J Bentley Systems, Inc. 


Civil Engineering Design
 V8i  SS2 "Refresh"
  Storm and Sanitary  Bentley Systems, Inc. 
V8i  Survey   
  SignCAD  8.48 SignCAD Systems, Inc. 
  AutoTrack  10.20 Savoy Computing Services LTD. 


Civil Engineering Design
V7  Storm and Sanitary  SP7 Bentley Systems, Inc.