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Disparity Study

Study Overview

The federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program is all about securing equal opportunity in business. Funded through the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT), the program helps businesses classified as small, woman-owned or disadvantaged to compete in a fair environment right alongside larger corporations.

The U.S. DOT recommends that agencies such as NDOT conduct disparity studies to develop the information needed to effectively operate the disadvantaged business enterprise program. This analysis is referred to as a disparity study because it examines whether there is a disparity between an agency's utilization of minority- and women-owned firms and what would be expected based on availability of minority- and women-owned firms to perform this work.

The following disparity study is presented to the public for reference.

Disparity Study


Yvonne Schuman, NDOT Civil Rights Officer

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For disparity study information, please contact:

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